Welcome to Zarcka's Family!

Through this website we intend to share with you the story of the great passion that led us to create this cattery. Its name, Zarcka's, is inspired by our first sphynx female cat, when any breeding idea was nonexistent in our minds.

Since Zarcka is the first sphynx in Portugal to possess several titles and also the first to become Supreme Champion we thought that Zarcka's would be the proper name for the house of the Great Sphynx.

Cristina's passion by cats is an old one. Mine is much more recent. When we met there was Cacau, a beautiful and sweet Siamese cat. And when she turned 12 years old we adopted Mia, a short fur house cat, who Cacau treated as her own kitten.

A few years later, we decided to expand our feline family and that's how I started to do some research about severall breeds. One day on the internet I found the sphynx. It was love at first sight. It was chosen! This was the breed I wanted.

A different cat with a funny look. Playful, friendly, very gentle and intelligent. Those were the traits we wanted in a cat and that was what we found in Sphynx. Zarcka came one day from the Cattery Gatil das Esfinges; and some other day, six months after that, Cacau was gone at 19 years and 7 month old. And we stayed with Zarcka and Mia.

Our wish to expand once again the feline family, who shares with us its daily life and space and in exchange gives us the pleasure of their company and of observing their life, led us to the idea of creating this cattery.

And that's how it happened.

Máximo e Cristina

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